Wholesale T Shirts New Zealand

How T Shirts and other garments are Screen Printed.

First Step: Artwork
If you need us to design your shirts for you, just talk to us, we have been doing this since the 80s, and you can’t get cheaper than FREE !
During the artwork process we will produce film to create you screen stencils.

Next Step: Set-Up
Silk screens are produced photographically by coating the silk in a photo sensitive emulsion and drying this in reduced light.

The film produced earlier is then placed on the screen and the screen exposed to strong light, this hardens or, burns the emulsion to produce your screen stencil. This process of producing the film and screen stencil is referred to as your set-up charges.

Each colour in your design needs a separate screen, or set-up so a one colour print requires one screen, or set-up, and a two colour two screens, or set-ups and so on.

Next Step: Screen printing your shirts

Each colour in your design is printed separately so the more colours in your design the longer they take to print and the more they cost
Try to keep the number of colours in your designs to a minimum. We can help you
re-design your print if there are too many colours for your budget.

Next: Curing
Your prints are then heat cured onto the fabric making the image permanent and washable.

If you have any questions.
please email us at peter@promonz.com
or talk to Peter on 09 930 2309