Wholesale T Shirts New Zealand

Simple Terms and Conditions

A purchase of goods from this site or from Wholesale T Shirts New Zealand and its associated businesses in any form constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions

Not in Stock
If part your order is out of stock you may put these on back order, this means as soon as the garments are in stock they will be dispatched, we will advise when this will be.

You may like to select another colour or size instead and if this is still not suitable you will be given a full  refund.
Refunds will only be made to the same bank account or credit card account used in the purchase.

Returning wrongly ordered goods

There is a $15.00 administration fee to replace products returned, plus the cost of the courier back to you.
The $15.00 admin fee is to cover the cost to us of the following ..
Manually re-processing the order and creating credit notes etc.
The cost of adjusting stock records and returning the garments to stock

There is is NO CHARGE if you decide to keep the goods

There is NO CHARGE if the goods are returned to us for for screen printing or embroidery.

Cancellation of orders
Once the goods have been dispatched the customer accepts there is a $15.00 cancellation fee, this is to help cover the cost of administration processing of refunds, rescheduling, returning stock, and accounting requirements.
This cancellation fee and any associated courier charges are not refundable.

Faulty Goods
All products come with a 100% goods replacement guarantee. On the rare occasion one of our products is faulty, we will replace the goods with no extra cost to the customer. However, goods will only be replaced with the same item e.g. style, colour and size as the original order. Goods must be returned to us before replacement and within 14 days of purchase.

If Goods are printed or decorated:
No refund or cancellation is possible once the goods have been printed or decorated or had any customization applied to the goods

Errors and omissions:
The purchaser understands and agrees that Wholesale T Shirts NZ and its associated companies, directors and staff will not be bound by any purchases made being paid or unpaid due to any errors or omissions on our website. The purchaser may request a full refund without cancellation fees within 14 days of the purchase or change their order.

Delivery to the courier constitutes delivery to the customer, all claims for loss or damage must be made to the courier, we will produce supporting documentation to assist any claim.
To that end the customer agrees to ensure the goods are delivered to a safe address and someone will be present to sign for the goods, or will organize with the courier to pick up the goods from their nearest depot
Prices on this site are based on our current price list at the time of writing and may change at any time without notice

The purchaser agrees and understands that Wholesale T Shirts New Zealand and its associated businesses, directors or staff are not responsible for any financial loss by the purchaser due to any reason whatsoever including third parties and associates of the purchaser. Wholesale T Shirts NZ reserves the right to cancel any transaction at any time without notice and refund any moneys paid by the purchaser